Verizon BlackBerry Curve 9370 Review


[ad#ad-1] The Verizon BlackBerry Curve 9370 was announced last week at CEs 2012 and is available in stores today. The Curve 9370 is the latest in the curve family Line on the Verizon Network. it sports a 2.44-inch display that isn’t touch screen, a 5- megapixel camera, and is a Global ready smartphone on the Verizon network, with a Vodaphone 3G sim-card. The Curve 9370 has a 2GB microSD that is expandable up to 32Gb . It also supports NFC and has Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi B/G/N & GPS.  The Unit itself is very light and I feel is one of the lightest Blackberries to date.

BlackBerry Travel is a nice little additive on the BlackBerry Curve 9370, giving the user full access to booking tickets, setting up travel plans, checking local weather and getting great deals on trips. This is a useful feature I can see been fully beneficial to the business class user that BlackBerry attracts and has as their core customer base

BlackBerry Traffic is a free voice navigation service from BlackBerry, that gives you turn by turn directions. Though not giving you a map view, does indicate and show you traffic congestion and toll routes. It is nice that BlackBerry has packaged something extra into their smartphone as a free feature with the device.

The New curve 9370 from BlackBerry on Verizon is a super light-weight device, feels much lighter and performs faster than the previous curves. the addition of BlackBerry, travel and traffic are a welcome plus to BlackBerry 7.1 OS. Though an NFC capable device, we have yet to see any functional use of NFC technology on the new BlackBerrys let a lone the Blackberry Curve 9370. But in the end it feels like more of the same, which could be a good or bad thing.