Verbatim Clon USB Powered Hard Drive Review


The Verbatim Clon is a very light weight Portable USB powered hard drive, that bears simplicity well. A Slim slick form factor, light weight and pocket size fit, USB powered and salient spin cycle of the drive. So let see how it fares in out review

Wrap up

The Clon is a solid hard drive that does the job and does it well’; for the price range that it currently is in the market I call it a solid buy.

SDC10651 SDC10652 SDC10654


    • Available  250GB, 320Gb and 500Gb
    • 400 Mb/s Data transfer rate
    • Pocket size
    • Scuff resistant casing reduces fingerprints and scratches
    • USB powered
    • Nero BackitUp auto backup Software


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