Vapium Summit Plus – Swiss Army Knife of Vapes

The Summit Plus from Vapium and is a Portable Dry Herb Vape that is inexpensive yet very advanced. There are quite a few models out there, but this feels like the Swiss Army knife of vaporizers, even more so with a hidden stirring tool. The Summit + improves upon the original summit. It’s not only splash and dust proof, but it can operate at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to 176 degrees.  Via Bluetooth, you can control your temperature from the Vapium Summit App. This cool feature enables you to select the exact temperature you want. Although the exterior is the same, the internal upgrades are truly wonderful.

The centerpiece of any good vaporizer is the mouthpiece, and when you take a draw from the Summit plus you will notice an extremely low draw resistance, allowing for an easy and natural inhale. I got feedback from a range of people, from regular vape users and novices.  The newbies needed some adjusting and guidance, “slow and steady” in this case. The stainless steel air path allows for no taste or odor alteration to your draw. It just tastes natural, unlike many units that feature plastic paths. When the Summit+ is ready and at temperature, it will vibrate, a nice feature to alert you. You also have a simple LED interface that displays battery level and temperature settings. Temperature choices vary between 330-440 degrees, with 8 different levels dividing that range. The battery is 3300mAh, and held up very well with multiple uses. It does tend to get hot to the touch, so the ability to adapt to different temperatures given preference is extremely helpful.

 For maintenance, it is very easy to simply pull off the mouthpiece to clean the airway. The chamber door cover is magnetic to keep it in place, but also has a cable securing it in that it doesn’t get lost. The accessories included were perfect, including pipe cleaners, wipes, spare mouthpiece, and more. The Summit + two year warranty, which really increases the value factor of this unit, and is worth the $149.99. I’ve had a few folks try and snatch it from me, and had to wrangle it back from one of them. It has been quite popular, so thumbs up!!!

IP54 Splashproof and Dust protection

3300 mAh batter

Magnetic chamber door

Nylon travel pouch

USB cable

3 extra screens

Cleaning brush

Securing ring