US Samsung Galaxy SIII benchmarks- AT&T vs. T-Mobile

benchmarks SGIII[ad#ad-1]Hi Guys!! I know you have been asking for benchmarks for the Galaxy SIII, so here they are. We carried out three benchmark test with Antutu & Quadrant for system benchmarks and for data Speeds. A word of caution, the benchmark result are no way a pure scientific representation of the system performance. I suggest you make the judgement for yourself with the results from the video. My view, same hardware for AT&T and T-Mobile versions, with the exception of 4G LTE.

Benchmark scores



AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII                                                                    T-Mobile Galaxy SIII


Screenshot_2012-06-21-16-34-31                                                                         Screenshot_2012-06-21-16-34-49



Quadrant Standard

AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII                                                                      T-Mobile Galaxy SIII

Screenshot_2012-06-21-15-28-23                                                                            Screenshot_2012-06-21-16-25-42

Speed Test

AT&T Galaxy SGIII                                                                                              T-Mobile SGIII

Screenshot_2012-06-21-16-47-22                                                                                     Screenshot_2012-06-21-16-43-17