How to update your Xbox One Controller

WP_20140306_00_15_52_Pro The Xbox One controller has a specific update that does two things; one it fixes the controller input to make the outer limits of the analog sticks more sensitive for TitanFall. Also the update allows you to use the Stereo Headset adapter. So here are the steps below or you can watch the video.

  1. Make sure your console is on and you’re signed in and connected to Xbox Live.Note It’s important to connect to Xbox Live because your console will need the latest system update, which contains the newest controller software. If you’ve connected recently, your Xbox One is probably already up to date, but you should connect anyway just to be sure. If your console needs an update, you’ll be prompted to install one.
  2. Open the battery compartment on the back of the controller and remove the batteries.
  3. Plug the Stereo Headset Adapter into the bottom of your controller.
  4. Plug in a headset (a headset is required to be plugged in so the adapter will turn on).
  5. Plug the big end of the included USB cable into the port on the side of the console.
  6. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the top of the controller.
  7. Instructions to install the update should automatically be displayed. Follow the instructions, and don’t disconnect the USB cable while the update is in progress.
  8. When the update is complete, unplug the USB cable and put the batteries back into your controller.
  9. Press the Xbox button on the Wireless Controller to turn it on. Your controller is now up-to-date, and you’re ready to use your Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.Note You only need to update your controller one time, but if you plan to use the Stereo Headset Adapter with other Xbox One Controllers, you’ll need to do this process for each controller.