TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6


iPhone 6 owners undoubtedly have a different experience with battery life than that of iPhone 6 Plus users. Apple has continuously packed smaller batteries inside of their flagship devices, and with an 1810 mah battery inside the smaller 6 model, battery life has been a struggle to manage. TYLT has heard the cries from iPhone users about this issue and have created the TYLT Energi Sliding Battery Case for the iPhone 6.

TYLT incorporates an intuitive design in order to serve dual functionality to the end user. The Energi case has a slimmer, more traditional case that goes around the iPhone 6 which serves as a place holder to slide the device into the main battery pack unit. The slimmer case includes a material that has a rough, smooth, yet matte finish to it. It must be a custom material made by TYLT has I haven’t experienced anything else like it. Over time, the case does get smudges and fingerprints, but nothing overly intrusive that would hinder the user experience. The second piece to the TYLT Energi case is the battery pack case. There are ridges inside the interior that allow you to just slide the slimmer case into it. There’s even a satisfying click when you’ve installed it properly. This is by far one of the more simplistic and effortless methods to date that I’ve experienced with these sort of cases. Kudos to TYLT for making the process rather seamless and somewhat enjoyable.

The battery pack inside the case comes in at a rather beefy 3200 mah. Technically, you should get a full charge and 1/2 with this combination for the iPhone 6. That’s plenty of juice for one outing and shouldn’t cause any issues with wishing for more juice. TYLT didn’t stop at just adding sufficient juice to their battery case; they decided to incorporate intuitive battery management as well. Consumers, myself included, have always complained about accessories such as these continuously pushing out power even though they have charged the specified device to max power. TYLT has heard the cries of consumers and have incorporated a feature that stops the output of the battery pack once the iPhone 6 reaches full power. No more forgetting you’ve kept your battery pack charging your device and the remaining juice vanishing with that same notion. Definitely a welcome feature and something that should be standard in all future models of this kind.

The TYLT Energi Sliding Case for the iPhone 6 has yet to be released, but can be purchased for pre-order (Jan. 25th launch)  at TYLT’s main website for $99. Yes, that is a hefty price to pay for any accessory, but TYLT has done enough to justify such a price tag. I have no qualms recommending the TYLT battery case to any of those who are plagued by poor battery by their iPhone 6.