TYLT Energi Sliding Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

SAMSUNG CSC TYLT is known for some of the best in class smartphone cases in the market today. Pricey and extremely versatile, the more advanced smartphones of today get bigger and more powerful, the more juice these energy cases have to carry. That’s where the TYLT Energi Power Case for the Galaxy S5 falls short, however, where it falls short, it picks right back up with a sleek and appealing design aesthetic.

The TYLT case is actually a 2 stage design, which is a brilliant move by TYLT. One part of the duo is an actual case to cover the Samsung Galaxy S5. It isn’t the most rugged, nor does it have water proof qualities to it, but it does fit tightly around the S5 rather easily, as well as having a harder outer rim for enhanced protection. There are two slits on the left and right side of the inner case in order to slide into the bigger, battery-powered case. This adds an EXTREME amount of bulk to the device; hence the 2 stage case mechanism provided by TYLT.

Both cases have a soft rubber finish to them that can be a bit slippery at times, but due to the size of the cases when put together, you’d be hard pressed to drop it. The outer battery-powered case holds a 2800mah battery pack that is good for one full charge of the S5 when dead. It seems odd  that a battery pack case so large holds such a small charge. 4,000mah and above is definitely the sweet spot for on the go battery packs as smartphones eat up a ton of juice these days. Putting the S5 inside the outer case is a bit of a struggle as you have to flip the USB 3.0 flap perfectly to make a tight fit. Once fitted in, it does provide a rather appealing and futuristic look to the rather dull looking S5.

In actual use, the battery power is subpar at best. Just not enough juice to get you a full charge while using the device at the same time. If you’re looking for a mobile battery solution, this isn’t it. However, if you’re looking for a stylish, subtly functional battery case, then this is the perfect solution. For $79.99, you’re not putting out too much of a risk for the TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case.