Tylt Energi+ Backpack Review


Tylt has been around for years making top-notch charging options for our tablets, phones, and laptops.  They also make backpacks for various charging needs.  Recently, they gave me the pleasure of using the Engergi+ Backpack.  I put through day-to-day use and overall it performed at a level you would expect from Tylt.

The design of the backpack is modern and stylish.  On the inside is a massive 10,400mAh battery pack, which is capable of charging four devices at once.  In addition, so you’re able to conveniently charge four devices at once, is a cable management system.  Thus, you can keep your cables neat as you direct them to any pocket you want to charge in, or even have a cable out of the bag to walk and charge at the same time. 

If you travel a lot, this bag is for you.  For starters, it is TSA friendly, so passing through security is quick, and easy.  The tablet and laptop protective pockets in the main compartment are easily accessed and keep your devices protected traveling.  There is also a pocket to protect fragile items such as a music player, and sunglasses.  The trolley pocket on the back allows you to slide it onto the handle of any luggage making it roll right along with you.

While there are many pros, there is one con, and that is the battery pack takes up significant space in the main compartment of the backpack.  Thus, if you have a laptop and tablet in there also, it does not leave much room for books or other items.  If you don’t have many large items to carry, then you shouldn’t have a problem. 

Overall it is a great backpack, high quality, keeps all your devices charged, and worth the price.  If you’re looking for a new backpack, look no further.