Turtle Beach Z60 7.1.DTS Gaming Headset Review

Turtle Beach Z60-4  The Ear Force Z60 is the first PC gaming headset to unleash game changing 7.1 channel DTS Headphone:X Surround Sound on any PC or Mac– plus your Xbox One & PS4. In true turtle Beach tradition, what you get here is a very inexpensive gaming headset that delivers incredible bass response through PC gaming’s largest speakers at 60mm, you get an outstanding audio advantage from Surround Sound Audio Modes for games, movies and music plus Dynamic Chat Boost keeps your communications above the action.  Priced at $119 you really can’t go wrong with these headset. Plus you can use the Z60 with your Xbox One & PS4,  make the headset a more practical buy for any gamer. Add to that are the  quick access to audio controls including separate game and chat volume, with option for different DTS audio preset for movies, Games and Music.

the other aspect of this headset that is very important to any gamer is the mic, which I must say is stellar. In my use case which is everyday, the mic on the Z60 as yet to disappoint, providing my listeners during my regular hangout videos with clear crisp sound. You can take a listen to the video review below. Its audio was recorded using the Z60’s mic.  the Turtle Beach Z60 doesn’t disappoint and is a gaming headset I will strongly suggest you pre-order now. The Ear Force Z60 will be in stores on September 12, 2014, so pick yours up here.