Turtle Beach PX4 Gaming Headset Unboxing & First Impressions

Turtle Beach PX4-6 The Turtle beach PX4 is one of the company’s last gaming headset entries in 2013. The PX4 retails for $149 and really is one of their primer gaming headsets with compatibility with the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Mobile gaming and call answering via (Bluetooth) and yes the Xbox One (Chat through Kinect ). First off the build quality of the headset are excellent with 50mm drivers for each earcup and soft cloth padding. the headband does reveal Turtle beach lettering on the top  flexible headband. each earcup has a few control features. On the  left earcup you have a bendable mic, power, tone & limiter buttons; as well as mic monitor& Game volume controls.

The right earcup, you have the recharge port, mute button, Bluetooth button, and chat volume controls. All you need for your gaming experience. from our initial use during set up. The headset sound great and function very well; there is still a lot on the headset we have to cover but we like what we are hearing. So stay tuned for our full review. but till then. Enjoy our unboxing & First Impressions video below.