Turtle Beach Elite 800 Review: Best Wireless gaming Headset


Turtle Beach is well know for crafted some unique and solid gaming headsets, but the Elite 800 is a different beast from a gaming headset  in its own right. Crafted as a high-end gaming headset and headphones. Yes this is a two-pronged attack from Turtle Beach. Why only give you a high-end gaming headset when you can also make a top-notch quality headphone to enjoy music. Priced at $299, I would expect the Elite 800 offered more than just gaming audio and it does disappoint. turtle Beach threw in everything and the kitchen sink into this bad boy.

Lets start the aesthetics; you have got soft leather padding on the earcup, give a premium look and comfort level , plus a soft snug fit to it. You can customize the look of the Elite 800 with a wide range of snap-on speaker plates available at TurtleBeach.com.  The there is the low profile magnetic charging stand keeps the Elite 800 charged without cables and the rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playing time according to Turtle Beach; I on the other hand got more than 10hrs about 15hr with gaming and music in my use.  High-performance Wi-Fi ensures an interference-free wireless experience, and Bluetooth connects the Elite 800 to mobile devices for phone calls, music and more.

Lets talk audio. the Elite 800 is stellar in both respects and I mean gaming audio as well as music playback, with clear and crisp audio in both respects. I was quite impressed with the fine audio tuning from Turtle Beach on this headset, especially during music playback. Also the Presets did a solid job with the different modes; from music, movies, sports and audio preset too fullfill an EQ lovers dream. The two noise cancelling mics on the headset, which aren’t visible to a solid job in gaming chat test but handled much better when used during phone calls.

Elite Membership with Purchase does add a lot of benefits to the cost of the headset. I got to try out the Elite membership concierge perks and it works just as it sounds. You get a personalized rep who takes the care of your services needs to pertains to the headset. Which is pretty cool, plus the other perks listed below

    • Concierge Product Support Service for US and Canada
    • 2 year extended warranty
    • Free Twitch Turbo trial membership
    • Early access to Turtle Beach news and product information
    • Exclusive offers on TurtleBeach.com store and partner websites
    • Turtle Beach Elite Membership Card
    • Elite T-Shirt or Hooded Long Sleeve T
    • Two free sets of speaker plates


Overall the  Turtle Elite 800 worked almost flawlessly on every aspect I threw at it expect say for the very sensitive buttons of the headset. Other than that i have no complaints for the headset. I love the audio performance, mic fidelity, EQ presets. Plus the ability to listen to gameplay audio and take a phone call at the same time, not forgetting the perks with Elite membership . All these features make the Elite 800 the best Gaming headset I have used this year. Now make on for the Xbox one or make it cross platform Turtle Beach