Tritton Kunai PS3 & Vita Headset Review

Getting your hand on the Tritton Kunai, it is evident that the quality of the build is pretty impressive. While the amount of plastic used to make this device might leave you doubting my initial statement, keep in mind that the build material makes this headset one of the lightest I have used in recent memory. The design of the headset itself is very comfortable, with adjustable left and right speakers you and soft cushioning across the top and outer rim of the speakers, you have a headset that can comfortable fit differing head sizes.

Sound quality wise, I tested this headset during an online call, and the call quality was on par with any headset I have used. The detachable microphone did not reduce the sound quality on the receiving end of the call, which was a worry of mine. An added benefit of the detachable microphone is that it makes the headset into adequate over the ear headphones when not gaming. The sound quality when listening to music is quite impressive.

As impressed as I am with the device, there are a few improvements that could be made to it. The first would be the splitting of the USB cable and the RCA pass through cables. The current design of the device allows you to plug in the 3.5mm jack to one cable which has 3 connectors at the end, one USB and the normal 2(red and white) RCA cables. While the availability of these connectors is more than welcomed, aesthetically it leaves much to be desired. Secondly, the fact that thus device is wired, limits its rang. Understandably, at the price point I wouldn’t expect a wireless device, however a 14 ft cable does not make up for a wireless connection.

At a price point of 59.99, this device is not intended to compete with High End gaming headsets, however it does hit a sweet spot with its build quality and versatility.