Toyko ESP Series Review


The story takes place in Tokyo where its main protagonist Rinka obtains superpowers (or in this case ESP) when she encounters a school of fish swimming through the air. One of them floats through her giving her the ability to phase through inanimate objects, but she’s not the only one to experience this phenomenon. A number of humans are affected by these fish, resulting in the creation of a new breed of super humans referred to as ESPers.

Rinka joins forces with Kyotaro Azuma, an Esper with the ability of “Teleportation” to take down other Super humans that have decided to use their powers for evil. With the help of their other ESPer friends, including a talking Panda; what looks like a Pelican and a flying Penguin, Rinka and Kyotaro resist an organization consisting of strong ESPers that plans to take over Tokyo City.
My Review… this time not in a nut shell (Couldn’t help myself)

One can assume Tokyo ESP to be a tribute to the Xmen series …not a great one but it’s an appreciated gesture.  Rinka’s Dad for instance is a Logan (Wolverine) look-alike but with Telekinetic Powers… To me, “Xmen is to Toyko ESP as Mutant is to ESPer and Evolution is to Swimming fish
In other new, you may also notice a guy that looks like Leonidas (the King in the movie “300”) in a kimono robe in episodes 2 and 3… but that could just be me imagining things #RantingJ

If you are looking for a Super Power anime with a gripping plot, well good luck watching this one!<
For a 12 episode series I managed at some point to lose track of the story and constantly found myself wondering when I would get to the end of the show. It did however have some admirable fight scenes and light humor.

So would I watch it again? It’s a story I followed to the end, but wouldn’t consider giving it another try.

Would I own a copy? Nah! I’d rather just go all out and buy myself the Xmen anime series instead J

Rating: 5/10

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Super Power, Supernatural 

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