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Toy Story 3


Pixar’s Re-incarnation of this storyline is the second film in two years to make the list for Best Picture from Pixar, after last years hit "Up". A near annual mainstay for best animated feature, Pixar has been cracking into the Best Picture category after the 2010 expansion to 10 films. With this years Nominations, it is up for both Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Now we are all familiar with the overall story at this point – toys coming to life when there are no humans around see them, and they are able to live and survive in the fantasy world of children. With Toy Story 3, we see how the toys adapt to survive once their children are adults. Though thoroughly interesting, amusing, and clever – after 3 films and 15 years, the entire franchise seems played out. Because the toys are helpless to save themselves in the presence of a human, they end up in death-defying situations that they need to extract themselves from to survive. While widely entertaining, interesting and fun – the plot has been done so many times it almost feels tired when it shouldn’t. The dialogue is interesting, but can only go so far in an animation of this caliber, though the humor is will timed and wryly written, I think of other animations in the past that were better.

As far as Best Picture goes – no Animation has ever won Best Picture. Let me rephrase that to help it sink in: Never in the history of the Academy has an Animation won the Best Picture Oscar. Never. There are some tough factors working against it that will probably keep the academy from every voting one in. Toy Story 3 will not be the first – though entertaining, amusing and a good film, I have seen at least 3 films in the past 10 days that are head and shoulders better. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed Toy Story 3 – it was the second time I have seen it. But other then Best Animated feature, I do not see how this is going to win an Oscar.

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