Toshiba Encore Mini Review


The Toshiba Encore Mini is created to be the ultimate budget full Windows 8.1 tablet, priced at just $119 dollars, yes you read it right $119. Microsoft’s attempt at bring Windows based devices to the masses might be finally there. The Encore Mini is designed for an easy one-handed use. Weighing just 12.5 ounces with a slim 0.43 inch profile. Powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Encore Mini offers snappy performance for quick browsing, content streaming and more, while maintaining plenty of battery life. InstantGo technology ensures everything is up-to-date even while the system is in standby mode. The Encore Mini features fast and reliable Wi-Fi performance with 802.11n and Bluetooth v4.0, making browsing, streaming, downloading and connecting additional devices a breeze.

The Encore Mini is great at doing light works from paper editing to, watching videos and browsing the web. This is not a heavy work horse, though really no tablet is. But with those fore-mentioned task you are getting stellar performance out of the Encore Mini. Where the device falls me, is with the no HD display and the VGA webcam which provide poor viewing for video calls. Also the battery life could be improved over the listed 7.5hrs. But still this is a great starting point for entry level windows device. I love to see more of these with slightly better specs and but Commend Toshiba for the Encore Mini. A good buy just not for everyone.

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