Tiger woods in hot mess

Tiger Woods

Its all coming out, the voice mails, the text, the wife finding out. My for a professional, he sure is doing a sloppy job

Voicemail here

She even played the voicemails at work

An employee at Stone Rose Lounge in L.A. — where Jaimee works — tells TMZ, Tiger’s alleged mistress came into work last Friday and played the infamous voicemail, in which Tiger reportedly asks Jaimee to remove her name from her outgoing message because his wife was suspicious.

Tiger's Wife Confronts Alleged Mistress

Mrs Tiger Confronting Mistress

As we first reported, Grubbs bragged to co-workers at the Stone Rose Lounge in West Hollywood, claiming she was having an affair with Tiger and even playing them the voicemail Tiger left for Jaimee on November 24 — when he asked her to remove her name from the outgoing message on her voicemail because Elin was becoming suspicious.

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday — the day of Tiger’s crash — Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers and then later in the evening said she had received a call from a blocked number. Jaimee says she answered and asked who was on the line. Jaimee says the caller — a woman — did not identify herself but said, “You know who this is because you’re f**king my husband.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/02/tiger-woods-wife-elin-nordegren-confronts-alleged-mistress-jaimee-grubbs/#ixzz0YYx36IQW


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