“This Means War” Blu-ray Movie review

this-means-war-trailer[ad#ad-1]Ok, I must admit – my expectations were not high on this.  I was reminded (nearly daily) by some close to me throughout the winter that this film was coming, looked interesting, funny, and seemed like a must see.  While it had what seemed to be a promising cast, with Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson, Dark Knight Rises) Chris Pine (Star Trek) and Reese Witherspoon (Election, Legally Blonde, Walk the Line), I had reservations about how strong this film actually was.

I will start by saying – the plot was a bit on the predictable side.  You can see where things are going long before they get there, and sense when events are about to happen.  The films rhythm and timing was very predictable – however, it was saved by the writing, acting, and action.  By blending in the subplot of the CIA mixing with average society within LA provides a unique balance of action and violence to this typical love story.  As an ideal date movie – the guys get the violence they crave (as well as more then a few glimpses of Reese Witherspoon wearing tight fitting clothing – or less), and the women get the love story of the average girl being pursued by CIA agents/Best friends.

As improbable as this film could be – It was entertaining.  The love story moves forward without becoming tepid, broken up by humor, snappy writing, action, and Chelsea Handler (Reese Witherspoon’s best friend in the film).  While not destined to be a classic – it is amusing, fun, and interesting – definitely a “curl up with a bowl of popcorn for a stay home date” film.