ThinkPad X1 Carbon Price-Drop- But there is a Sim Catch Update!!!!

The ThinkPad Carbon X1 ultrabook from Lenovo, is on of the most highly rated  ultrabook on the market from the number one Laptop provider in 2012. One of the most coveted feature of the X1 carbon has been the option of an inbuilt World SIM or for local US consumers, the option on an AT&T specific SIM card (3G sim card).

Looking at Lenovo’s website this morning, you will find that the price of the device has dropped from the original stated price of 1,649 USD to its new price of 1499 USD. While this price change will come as a welcomed surprise for most potential buyers of the device, a look at the feature set of the device reflects that the aforementioned SIM card options have now been eliminated.

With a release date slated for October 29, next week, how would this major change in feature sets affect the decision of business and main street consumers across the board.

Have you pre-ordered your device? Will you still want it with the reduced features? Does the price change compensate for the lack of the World / Local SIM feature? Your comments are welcomed below.


We just got confirmation from Lenovo that the 3g sim slot is indeed standard on their ThinkPad X1 Carbon and is going no where.