Thinium Charge Review– Ultra Thin Docking Wall Charger

Thinium Charge-8

What a handy little device!!! As a shopaholic, I must admit that I am extremely attracted to SHINY THINGS. You know I spotted this lovely gold beauty and INSTANTLY fell in love!

Thinium Charge is basically getting a portable wall and usb charger all in one. However, the design is what makes it most convenient. It is the exact height and length of a credit card, although obviously thicker. Each of its attachments are neatly tucked away, so you have no wires to untangle or keep track of. Which we all know is an added bonus.
The front shows the hide-away micro-USB in this case, but also have compatible units for the Apple Lightning. On the back side, you simply press against the bottom center to expose the plug. The bottom swings outward to create a bottom cradle for your smartphone. To use as a wall charger, simply pull out the prongs from the back and plug into the wall. Please note, they DO NOT fold down 90 degrees and shouldn’t. The Charge nicely cradles your smartphone, which can prevent accidentally stepping on your phone. You know you’ve done it before! If you prefer charging by usb, you simply pull down the USB cable attachment from the side. Then you still have your phone cradled in the Charge, but neatly at the side of your computer.

• Ultra-Slim
• Portable
• Versatile Charging
• 1 Amp Quick Charge
• Wireless

Gold, black, and white, for both lightening and micro-usb compatibility. It retails for $49.99, and similar products by Thinium soon to follow. This is definitely a convenient charger as well as being awfully pretty. I love it! And it is a welcome addition to my mini office/purse.

As an Android user I think this is a great concept overall. A little pricey for a charger, but a wonderful concept, and great gift idea for the holidays.