The Year of Palm

Yes I said it. It may not be definite, but look at how this years has begone, with the end of MAC World and no new IPhone. It could very well be the year of Palm. Lets put things into perspective. 2008 Palm introduced Centro, another Palm smart phone that packed no punches and lack in the style department. By the end of the year  within the present economic crisis. There was talk of Palm  fading away into distant memory  as a viable smart phone company.

Lets be real here, the Apple IPhone came in and really shock things up, Google used Android and the G-1 to jump into the fight and HTC helps Microsoft stay strong in the smart phone  market with the HTC Diamond, Pro & HD lie of phones. So in all honesty is there any room for Palm?

so what do we have now, in the span of time it takes one to grab lunch at work. On Jan 8th at CES 09 Palm showed the world it is still relevant as a device and a company. Turn the mobile world over its head. I personally would have expected this from google with G-1 and Android, or Nokia with the N-97. But Palm not in a million years. So far the phone looks smooth and crisp, and to tell you the truth it really is nothing revolutionary, it simple take everything we have now on smart phones to the next level. The next big question is, what will windows mobile 7 look like?

Enjoy phonescoop’s hands-on video of the Palm Pre



Courtesy engadget, phonescoop


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