The Queen of Hell, the Exclusive Interview with Alaina Huffman

Alaina&Hakan Depending on what shows you watch, you’ll recognize Alaina Huffman from any one of a number of notable roles. Most recently she’s portrayed the last Demon Knight of Hell—Abaddon in the long running CW show Supernatural. Abaddon is a terrific character to play as she’s a super baddie, getting to toss around the Winchester Brothers while wording some great lines. Others may recognize her from SGU Stargate Universe where she portrayed Lt. Tamara Johansen. Although I’ve seen Alaina in 4-5 previous roles, it’s her role as the Lieutenant where I recognize her work the most. For those of you that were always wondering, Alaina was pregnant during part of the show with child, so all that was real. More on this in the interview. And for you super hero fans, she portrayed the hero Black Canary in the show Smallville. I do believe this was the first incarnation of the Justice League on any screen. So you’ve got to admit, she’s had some pretty cool roles. And yes, she was even on the show Painkiller Jane.
I meant to ask Alaina about her stints on Dawson’S Creek and The O.C., two shows which I’ve seen every episode of. Go on and make fun of me, but I was young once too. In the moment, you deviate from the prepared list of questions, and that’s alright. It gave us time to talk about filming the mini-series Jack Hunter and sightseeing in Turkey, motherhood, the coloring of hair (mostly mine), and a variety of other topics such as current television favorites.

She’s truly as fun and personable as you’ll soon see and hear. A shame you folks weren’t around for the conversations before and after the interview. There was some funny stuff coming out of our mouths, well mostly hers like “man handling” and “yogurt makers.” She was kind enough to take time away from all that was Pop Culture Expo to sit down for this interview. It’s my pleasure to bring this interview for you all to enjoy. And Alaina, next time you (and hopefully your husband) come to Boston, we need to get you some time in our fair city and do some sightseeing. I look forward to seeing you soon on the TV in future projects.

For the past two weeks I’ve been trying out how to begin this written segment of the interview. Although we filmed this interview over two weeks ago, my delay in getting this to you folks and to Alaina wasn’t due to writer’s block. Unfortunately two weeks ago, and I’ll keep this brief, I had a bad fall in my home and dislocated my left shoulder. I tripped over an ottoman; how Turkish of me. A week later, it was relocated (put back into place) which hurt even worse. And this was capped off two days ago by throwing out my lower back while lifting my new cat Elmas. (She just emigrated from Turkey the day before; a common theme you may have recognized by now.) I don’t recommend any of you following in my injury missteps. For those of you that know, I am recovering and will be whole again soon.
In case you were wondering, we filmed this in the offices of the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA, hence all the trophies. There were cases full of them, most off screen.
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