The Hunt for a Remarkable 3D Experience – LG Magic Remote & Smart TV Hub

IMAG0199[ad#ad-1]In our Hunt for a Remarkable 3D Experience, we take a look at some other aspects of the LG LM7600 Cinema 3D 240Hz LED HDTV. This time, it is the LG Magic Remote and the Smart TV Hub.

The LG Magic Remote:

The LG Magic remote is a Wii-mote like device that uses motion sensing to navigate on the screen with a cursor.  There is no sensor bar to attach and it is surprisingly accurate on all accounts. Design wise, it is a wand device with a power button, a back button, a home button, a scroll wheel, volume and channel buttons, an app button, and a quick 3D on/off button.

The new LG Magic remote is surprisingly effective and a breeze to use.  LG has realized that controls can be simple and intuitive. I really have no complaints here and I applaude LG for going a different control route.  However, I do wish a traditional remote with keyboard for text input, or a remote app for the LG TV’s were available.

The Smart TV Hub:

The Smart TV Hub is comprised of several hub panels.  The first hub panel is a smaller screen showing your live TV.  The second hub panel shows your Premium apps (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, HULU, Vudu, AP and more).  The third hub panel is the 3D world (a collection of 3D videos from LG, providing you with 3D content to try out your new 3D TV).  The fourth hub panel is the LG Smart World, which allows you to download more apps and games to use on your TV.  The last hub panel is the Smart share, which shows all your connected media content on your home server, computer, and mobile phone. Below all of the hub panels in a landscape position is a scroll bar with your apps (includes menu & TV input) for quick and easy access.

Performance wise – the LG Smart TV Hub was a mixed bag.  Some aspects of it shined, while other aspects kept the pace a step behind.

The Smart TV Hub suffered from a laggy interface, with slow downs during transition and constant load times.  The LG Smart World has limited applications. On the bright side, the smart share hub works well, allowing you  to view your own content and still allow you to upscale or convert your content from 2D to 3D.  The 3D world gives you 3D content to to watch right off the bat, which is nice.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the combination of the LG Magic remote and Smart TV Hub is a good one.  Granted, you do see some system lags (due to the single core processor), it is still a nice experience overall.


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