The Col. Unboxing of the HTC Rezound

IMAG0969[ad#ad-1]The Col. Was gracious enough to send us his early morning video of him receiving and Unboxing the HTC Rezound with beat by Dr Dre. Not only does it come with beats audio but it also comes with a pair of Beats in-ear headphones too. To give you the ultimate sound experience. The HTC Rezound is the first HTC device to sport a720p display and will be the First device on Verizon Network to have a HD display. Its got a 4.3-inch 720p Super LCD display ( yes a HD screen). Powered by a 1.5 Dual-core Processor ( probably Qualcomm). It camera has an F2.2 lens with low light sensor at 8 Megapixels. recording at 1080p and a VGA Front Facing Camera for video chat. Storage; its got 32GB (with 16GB microSD and 16GB on-board storage). It got Sense 3.5 and the U.I experience so far seem looks and feels fast. The HTC Rezound is also a 4G LTE device on the Verizon network and doe sallow user to creat a Hotspot for up to 8 devices. So seat back relax enjoy  The Col.’s video and stay tuned for our full review





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