TDK ST-800 High Fidelity Headphone Review


The  ST-800  come with an in-line equalizer with a display that lets you adjust bass and treble levels separately. This is one feature that I had a love-hate relationship with.  On one hand, the base & treble presets were off and I had to play around with it for a bit. But once I got it down, it was literally music to my ears.  Songs came in clear and crisp, and you really, and I mean really don’t have to crank the volume up.  On-ear volume and mute controls are always within your reach on the right earcup, which houses the high-performance 50mm drivers that deliver amazing clarity and range for any kind of music. The craftsmanship on the TDK ST-800 is well noted with the leather finish that is soft to the touch and gives the  an elegant and sleek look. The earcups are comfortable and easily adjustable. The TDK ST-800 uses 2 AAA batteries, allowing you to use the equalizer functionality and independent volume control.   It also has a 12 foot extension cable that lets you relax across the room from your system.


Plug type: 3.5mm gold-plated
Driver Diameter: 50mm
Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 200 ohms ±10%
Sensitivity: 97dB ±3dB
Cord length: 1.22 m
Battery: 2 x AAA – included
(battery life up to 12 hrs)


The  are well crafted and designed.  They are comfortable and the feel of the headphones on your head is of the highest quality. The addition of the equalizer is a nice touch, but that is also where some problem arise. You really have to spend time with the equalizer to find the right balance for you and that can be a tad bit annoying. Though once it’s set, your listening experience becomes musical bliss. The independent volume controls are nice, giving you an extra sound increase, though at high volumes, there is a lot of cracking and sound leakage (that only happens when you max the sound). In all, the TDK ST-800 are solid headphones that you do have to spend some time to adjust to your taste, but when you do, it’s a fantastic listening experience.