TDK BA-200 High fidelity In-Ear Headphone Review- Worth the price

20120416_173505[ad#ad-1]Ok, I am not a huge fan of in-ear buds; anyone who knows me knows that I am finicky and particular with my choice in headphones.  The comfort, the sound – usually, I make a face after 30 min or so that resembles me swallowing a large bite of lemon.  My expectations were much of the same upon receiving the BA200 by TDK – that the comfort and sound would quickly wear thin, and I would be less the pleased in a matter of just a few hours time.
Just ask any ex of mine how true the following statement is: Oh, how I very wrong I can be! First, the comfort level is superb, with the combination of soft rubber cones that easily conform to the inner ear canal, allowing no discomfort even after hours of wearing them; and the flexibility of the tangle free wires, that (when worn appropriately) wrap around the ear in a level of increased comfort, and decreased chance of accidental removal by snag, catch, or otherwise, as well as a nifty design that combines the comfort of fit, ease of storage and (in my opinion) a unique and sporty look that – if a car – would appear fast, even when sitting still

After taking a moment to marvel at the fit and feel of the TDK BA200, I plugged in my iPod, and proceeded to enjoy some music – and was taken aback.  I the pops, the sizzles, the snaps – I was not pleased.  I listened to a full album of music, becoming increasingly upset with the lack of clarity in the headphones.  I moved onto another genre, preparing the review within my own mind and got the shock of my life – the clarity was amazing.  The lows were rich and deep, the mids were blended and balanced, and the highs were full and sharp.  That’s when I realized what the issue was – Old .wav conversions to Mp3 carried their imperfections.  The BA200’s are of such a high quality, they pulled out and emphasized all of the imperfections; they are so good, they made the poor almost unlistenable.

Once I moved onto more recent (and higher quality) music, I was overwhelmed – it was as if the music was inside my head.  The comfort, style, and quality made me forget (twice) that I was even wearing headphones.  My thanks to Thunder E for this assignment – and for my new favorite headphones – TDK’s BA200 line.