T-mobile Visual Voicemail beta out for G1

Ye sits out and I am part of the beta program on the G1, will have  a video out soon of how it looks like. You have to be part of the beta program to download the rom. You also have to flash the rom, which means a clean wipe of your system.


  • Call Divert: Carve out a little peace and quiet by sending selected numbers straight to voicemail without ringing your phone.
  • Call Defer: Let callers know you’re busy and schedule a convenient time for you to call them back.  Send them a text message that acknowledges their call and that you will respond at a later time.
  • Visual Voicemail: Easily manage your voicemail! View a list of who left a voicemail, with the time of the message and its length.  Choose which to listen to now and which to review later.
  • City ID: Get more information about the calls you receive.  The city and state information of incoming calls is displayed.

I like how its looking at the moment., with voicemail now built-into your contacts and dialer and no longer a separate app. But there are a few hiccups for now( Heck its still beta). Can’t install Google maps navigation 4.0( no turn-by-turn GPS). Also some apps just cant be found in the market place. Aka you do a search and the just don’t show up ( ChompSms is one of them). I believe these issues will be resolved but so far so good. I am liking the features.

Video coming soon……………..