T-mobile to turn on Faster 3G by Years End


WOOOHOOO!!!! Yes! Finally as a T-mobile customer this is exciting news the by end of 2009 I get fast 3G service.

Androidandme is report this

Thanks for checking in on this. HSPA 7.2 will be enabled across T-Mobile’s entire 3G network by year-end.

  • T-Mobile’s 3G network currently covers 250 U.S. cities, reaching approximately 180 million people. T-Mobile will continue to strengthen and grow its 3G network to reach approximately two-thirds of the U.S. population by the end of the year (more than 200 million POPs).
  • T-Mobile will integrate HSPA+ into its 3G network in the next several months with broad national deployment anticipate for mid-2010. With HSPA+, customers will experience network throughput speeds that are three to five times faster than today’s 3G networks – with theoretical peak download speeds of 21Mbps (depending on device and other factors).

The devices on T-Mobile’s network which support HSPA 7.2 include:

  • HTC G1
  • HTC myTouch 3G
  • Motorola CLIQ
  • Samsung Behold II
  • Touch Pro 2 (Windows)
  • Dash 3G (Windows)

Even though all these devices support HSPA 7.2, it is still unclear if they will need a software update to enable this feature.