T-mobile Project Dark (Black) update…….

Remember folks, these is still all rumors and nothing could come from this.


  • All current plans will be grandfathered in for existing customers
  • Three simple plan choices 750, 1500, unlimited with options for text & data
  • 2 year contract with subsidized phone, also  have the ability to buy the phone over time  (20 months). Aka  European pricing model
  • No early termination fees, but if you exist the agreement before your phone is paid in full, you have to fork over the balance once you terminate the country

The poster seems to indicate and price strategy such as this

Even more: unlimited voice, text, web – $50

Even more plus: unlimited voice, text, web (smartphone) – $75 (If true would be Awesome)

So there you have it, also it is no longer “Project black” but “Project Dark”. Still no word on handset, but I can safely bet the MotoBlur and Nokia N900 will be part of the package. If the $50 everything plan is part of the package . That

Courtesy jet1000 & ????? from Tmonews forums

Older reports on Project Dark/Black here


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