T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 Review- The Best Budget smartphone of 2013

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521-4 The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 is priced at just $30 on T-Mo’s “uncontract” with $5 monthly or you can get it at a super cheap $150 with no strings attached. In terms of hardware, you still get the traditional Lumia build quality on a sub $200 device, To which a few elements of your top tier devices have been cut out. Such as NFC, Clear Black display and wireless charging.

Granted the Lumia 521 is missing all those features, what it lacks in high-end features. It makes up in functionality and price. I really can’ t stress how well this device performs; voice calls are clear and crisp without any issues. Though it has a slower processor and half the normal amount of ram, you still get a very smooth user experience.  The 5MP camera does a very good job at taking still and recording video; the lack of a flash is noticeable at night. But again at $150 I am cool with that. Overall the Lumia 521 on T-Mobile hits the pocket at a right price and its usability and performance exceeds what you are given. You get a full Windows Phone 8 experience without breaking the bank. I full recommend the Lumia 521 and dub it the best budget smartphone of 2013