T-Mobile G1 ver 2…..Update. Motorola not HTC?

Courtesy of BGR

T-mobile G1 v2
T-mobile G1 v2

But we’ve uncovered something very sexy — an awesome image! Full slide-out HTC-style QWERTY? Check. Look for this to drop in October for $148 with a 2-year agreement at Walmart (so, $149.99 on T-Mobile then?). If the hit or miss hardware design of the G1 wasn’t your thing and the Magic’s lack of QWERTY has you disappointed, the G1 v2 is where it’s at.

it this is true, I wil be ugrade my G1 this year and emjoying more andriod goodness. Google is hitting its stride

It looks like reports are coming into to BGR, that G1 v2 will be made by Motorola for Tmobile. for me this is not good news. Considering Motorola’s recent reputation of crappy handsets. At least tmobile will be realeaing multiple Andriod phone towards the end of the year.

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