Synology Wireless Tri-Band Mesh Router

When Synology entered into the router space I expected them to deliver something different and unique with the Synology Wireless tri-band Mesh Router. This allows you to place and expand several units around your home to create a mesh router setup. Now, this isn’ the first mesh wifi system we have seen. What Synology has brought to the table is its software. I am a big fan of Synology’s simple software solution for their NAS system and here the benefits show. The tri-band Mesh router uses two 5GHz bands along with a 2.4GHz band, providing a total speed of 2200Mbps for your Wi-Fi network. it also supports 2×2 MIMO and 802.11ac

The DS router app, which is available for both Android & iOS makes setting up the router singular or with additional mesh hubs a breeze. Giving users quick and easy access to the router as well as deeper access to controlling your network. This is also coupled with a self-configuring system that uses built-in algorithms to optimize your network and give you the best coverage.

The MR2200ac isn’t a sleek looking router, in fact, it comes ina drab black cool with a simple plastic build and does seat upright. Physical on the router you have a USB 3.0 port, WAN port Multiple, power port and reset button. The MR2200ac can work together as a system to bring Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. Wherever you go, stay on a single Wi-Fi network and enjoy seamless connectivity from one place to another. Which makes it easy to increase and improve wireless connectivity around your home.

The System also gives users the ability to create a guest network to provide a secure connection and give public and temporary visitors limited permissions and access. You can also set up a welcome portal for everyone connecting to your Guest Wi-Fi. There are many more user-centric features with this router that make it a delight to use, from Create a kid-friendly online world: set up user profiles, decide when and for how many hours they can use the Internet, and protect them from adult-only content with web filters and SafeSearch. Setting up Network profiles for family gadgets and IoT devices: anything connecting to your local or guest network in the future follows the policy you decided, and all abnormal activities are carefully stopped and logged. Silently securing your perimeter: DNS and IP threat intelligence tools block access to malicious destinations in real-time, whereas the introduction of Google Safe Browsing to Synology routers extends Google’s protection against malware, social engineering, and unwanted software to the whole network.

These are all features listed by Synology that work really well land do provide that peace of mind. My experience with this mesh router system has been mostly positive, except for the issue of range. This is where I feel external antennas may have been more beneficial to effect better range coverage. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t bad, just not as much as I expected using two units to cover an area of 2000sq/feet. IF you have a larger home be prepared to use multiple units to ensure full coverage. I think the Tri-band Wireless Router from Synology provides solid wireless coverage for anyone looking to