STM Drifter Laptop Backpack Review


STM is becoming a household hold name in the tech industry for reliable, somewhat affordable bags for your various needs. STM gave us the pleasure of taking a look at their Drifter Laptop backpack in order to put it through it’s paces to see whether or not it can continue to provide that reliability and affordability we’ve come to expect from STM.

 Starting off with the overall design of the Drifter Laptop bag, externally it really doesn’t come off as a backpack for your mobile needs. Throughout my time with the backpack, onlookers continuously thought I was prepared to start my day off with a camping trip because of the design. It’s rather rugged/large for it’s purpose;  it truly encompasses the “Drifter” montra it’s trying to promote here. Kudos to STM for thinking outside of the box with the exterior design of this backpack. It helps add a level of multi-purpose use and durability to the overall user experience. Internally, it has a unique interior suspended pockets to protect your laptops and tablets if you drop the bag. Again adding to the durability element of the Drifter backpack.

 STM didn’t stop there, by incorporating a 3D foam mesh back panel to let you carry heavy loads comfortably, as well as keep your back from continuously getting sweaty. It adds a little bit of versatility by being able to be attached to a rolling suitcase; even coming with a tuck-away rain cover to keep everything dry. In the grand scheme of things it’s a minor addition, but STM get’s that adding small pieces to an entire product greatly increases it’s value over it’s competitors. Other small additions include different sized zipper pockets on the frontal area of the backpack that help for quick access to pocketability. The only issue that grew cumbersome with my time with the backpack was the fact that because of it’s versatility and “unique” approach, it causes it to be a bit large (weighs 2.3 lbs).

 I found that with my extended time with the Drifter Laptop backpack it was extremely useful no matter the occasion. School, city dwelling, random outings, it fit perfectly no matter the circumstance; and for that I must commend STM for creating not only a “laptop” backpack, but an overall solid backpack. Now when it comes to price things may get a bit out of hand starting off at $139.95. If you look hard enough, you can find the backpack for a more modest $100 on various online outlets. Although you have to dig deep into your pockets for this product, it is a GREAT product. STM has convinced me that they know what it takes to appease my techie and overall life needs when it comes to backpacks. If you’re looking for a high quality backpack, look no further the Drifter Laptop backpack.