STM Bags Grip 2 for iPad Mini Review

STM Bag (11) What first caught my eye was STM Bags style. I saw all kinds of bags and accessories in eye catching color combinations, they drew me in!!! So far I have gotten my hands on the Grip 2 case for the iPad mini and mini retina. I need carrying cases that can hold up to my many purse changes, which is almost daily.

Grip 2 is carrying case and stand for the iPad mini. The shell is a two tone plastic material. The body is a hard plastic, while the accent purple is a more malleable plastic, with an very durable hinge! It definitely has lasted through my wear-and-tear. In addition, it doesnt have a ragged look once you break it in. You will find four eye catching color combinations. The front outside cover is a series of horizontal grooves that also serve as the notches for the kickstand or easel. But these “grippy” grooves also help securely hold the case, hence it’s name. Each of the notches for access to buttons are rounded and comfortable, so less fumbling around. The inside is lightly lined with a felt textured layer of cusihion on either side. Grip 2 closes shut with an audible click which also puts your iPad into sleep mode to conserve battery. The kickstand clicks open or closed, mostly flush against the case. It sticks out just slightly, but not a big deal. . Thanks to the grooves, you have multiple angles for your kickstand positioning, for personal preference. This is a great functional case, especially for those who do plenty of reading on the go.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Cover puts ipad into sleep mode
  • Multi-position kickstand
  • Reward Tag program – register your device
  • Four color combinations – lilac, yellow, red, and black
  • Available online for $39.99