SteelSeries Stratus Review

SteelSeries Stratus-1 The SteelSeries Stratus Gaming Controller delivers a great mobile gaming experience on IOS 7 devices. The 10+ hours of wireless gameplay via Bluetooth (comes with USB charging cable), protective covering for the days you want to game on the move, and tactile keys to provide consistent gameplay help advocate Stratus in being a must have accessory for IOS gamers.

Overall, the Steel Series Stratus gaming controller was a product that felt “just enough”. Hardware wise, it felt rather cheap for the $79.99 price tag, and the controller itself could provide issues with people who have larger hands due to its size. The gaming controller (for most games) was strictly for gameplay only. Accessing menus throughout the games could not be utilized on the controller, and I found myself frustrated at continuously having to switch between both the screen/controller.  There was little to lag (depending on the game),  however gaming with the controller was actually an enjoyable experience., and battery life held up to the 11 hour claim given by Steel Series. The box also provided a clever QR barcode in order to know the list of compatible games to go with the controller. All in all, the SteelSeries Stratus gaming handset will provide an enjoyable experience for iOS gamers on the go.