SteelSeries Siberia V2 for PS3 Headset Review & Twitter Giveaway

The Steel Series Siberia V2 headset for the PS3 are one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn. It is light weight, comfortable and easy on the ears. The earcups feature a noise reducing foam, which helps you to focus on the important audio or voice communication, and not being disturbed or interrupted by outside noise; and they do work very well. The unit comes with a Live mixer which helps combine you game audio and voice chat into one channel.

The LiveMix levels range from OFF, which is unaltered in-game and voice sound to LOW (game sound is reduced by 5db when your teammates are talking), MEDIUM (game sound is reduced by 15db), to HIGH (game sound is reduced by 25db). By providing optional levels of LiveMix, users will have the ability to control how much of the game sound they want to hear balanced over the voice communication. LiveMix control is a great way to adjust in-game volume to communicate with other gamers. I hope SteelSeries makes this a Standard for all their gaming headsets.

The headset is also compatible with the Xbox 360 for in-game audio and Xbox LIVE communication. Users can simply connect to the Xbox controller through a double-sided 2.5mm connector which is provided in the packaging. This is pretty much a pone stop shop for your gaming headset  needs


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