SteelSeries Kinzu V2 Pro Edition Mouse review

Random 008[ad#ad-1]Design:The Kinzu v2 is a very sleek mouse. Its glossy top exterior makes it stand out amongst most designs. it’s ambidextrous design is a good fit for lefties and righties. Its lightweight makes you feel like you are holding nothing in your hand. Mouse buttons require little to no effort as a gentle push will activate the key press. It’s got just the right size for most hands and the dpi sensitivity button is well placed in position so it cannot be inadvertently pressed. As far as comfort is concerned, the Kinzu v2’s sides have a soft rubber grip and the three teflon feet allow for really smooth gliding across the surface.

The Kinzu v2 uses a 3200 dpi sensor that delivers a very fast mouse response with a 1000mhz max polling rate. It’s as accurate as you can get without being a pro gamer. I was able to rotate a camera couple times in a first person shooter with just a small movement of the mouse across the mouse pad. There is a tiny jitter when the mouse is lifted up the surface and dropped.

Wrap Up:
At $44.99 the Kinzu v2 it may fit the budget of a pro gamer but for someone who doesn’t play video games for a living this may come off as a steep buy in pro caliber gaming mouse. Its ambidextrous design makes for a fairly comfortable grip and this may not sit well with some people. But it’s hard to ignore this device’s superb responsiveness. Overall it’s a great buy for an average gamer and you won’t be disappointed with this pro edition mouse.

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