SteelSeries Ion Portable Wireless Gaming Controller Hands-On @ CES 2012

The SteelSeries Ion Portable gaming controller has a classic look and feel. To allow compatibility with the latest games out they. This is a small slick device that allows for easy portability in your pocket, the Controller features Dual analog sticks, a traditional Dpad, trigger buttons and four face button to emulate standard gaming controls. The Controller is a the size of a deck of cards at 108mm x 55.5mm x 18mm. It connects to your device via bluetooth and has 20hrs of gameplay time from a single charge. The controller can be used on your PC, laptop, or Tablet. I think this will be a great addition to the mobile gaming world. No need to use touchscreen controllers which don’t work in my opinion. As for comfort and feel, though a smaller controller SteelSeries has crafted a device that is comfortable and easy to use. No world on pricing yet but we will keep you updated once we get it available. till then enjoy our hands-on video