SteelSeries Flux Portable Gaming Headset Hands-on

flux[ad#ad-1]The SteelSeries Flux is designed to be a go any and everywhere gaming headset, giving you high quality audio experience on the go at gaming tournament, at the office, on the bus or at home. The Flux is powered by 40 mm drivers to help produce acoustic intense sound tat is well noted from SteelSeries headsets. The SteelSeries Flux is a customizable headset  with two base colors Black/Grey and Purple /Black, with interchangeable cushions. Swappable outer plates  for each ear cup, with varying designs from SteelSeries or your own custom design. The SteelSeries Flux comes via a PC cable with uni-directional microphone with mute controls that connects to pc via two 3.5mm jacks; it also comes with a secondary cable which is an uni-directional cable with a microphone with mute controls via a single 3.5mm jack for Mac and mobile devices. Another cool feature the Flux has is the ability to daisy chain , with 2 input jacks, one on each side of the ear cups, you can choose which side the microphone cable can be plugged into. While the other input jack can be used to plug in another headset, to the flux which allows for multiple user to listen to the same device.



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