SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac Review

As gamers’ audio is really important, getting that rich sound, so you can hear the gunshots, having a solid microphone, so you can chat with your friends, and of course, getting all the extra features that you want.

Today, I’m taking a look at what I consider probably the best gaming headset this year. I know it’s kind of early, but I’m talking about something brand new from SteelSeries. You can already tell it’s a SteelSeries. This is the brand new SteelSeries Arctis Pro with GameDAC. What’s special about his headset? Why should I proclaim it to be one of the best gaming headsets? There’s a lot to talk about with this headset.

First off, it’s all about that GameDAC right there. This is the first DAC for a gaming headset that comes with the ESS Sabre Chipset. Now if you don’t know what ESS Sabre Chipset is, that’s the same chipset you find in a lot of high-end audio devices as well as devices like the LGV30, which has a quad DAC, which means the DAC in there is really, really good.

Now the headset itself, of course, is styled similar to previous Arctis headsets, but you do have, of course, RGB lighting. We’ll get more into the headset design because there’s a lot with that as well, but let’s spend some time with that GameDAC because it truly sets things apart. The display is for easy access, it’s got a dial knob and also a button, so it kinds of acts as your back button, for easy to use. So you can go ahead and long press to get into any of the options and rotate through to go ahead and see different things and change your different options. So we have audio right here, long press. We have DTS Headphone X 2.0., which is the second version, which is pretty nice. We’ve got mic phone. We’ve got, of course, bass boost. You can change your EQs.

Then we’ve got, of course, high res audio and that’s absolutely fantastic, which means you can actually listen to music at higher than CD quality off this thing really good, very solid DAC. And the listener experience matches what you’re getting with that ESS Sabre Chipset in there. One of the first gaming headsets that I can approve actually listening to audio very well.

You can also use this on your PS4, which is great too. It only has a slight downside. The optical cable that comes with the Arctis Pro+GameDac is rather short, and makes for an interesting setup process. But still, it is a great experience there. Now you’ve got RGB lighting on the headset. That’s also really nice. Now you can go ahead and use the SteelSeries engine software to make all those changes, do your presets, and all of that. But you can do all that also on the GameDAC, making it easy to basically set the colors of your headset on the fly without going to software, but also when you move to your Play Station 4, you can do the same thing and change the colors whenever you want.

The mic also can be set to a different color so you know when your mic is muted. Once you do that, you have a specific color setting that let’s you know, yes, it’s muted. Now the GameDAC itself also has, of course, simple clear controls for the volume as well as the game in chat, makes it really nice. It’s got an indication of the frequency there. It just says it’s PC. All these visual cues are there to give you the best experience.

If you’re streamers, well you’ve also got a line out built in. For fans who want to listen to music on mobile and answer their phone calls, there’s a mobile port as well. This is a proprietary headphone jack, which they will provide and adapt it to use this GameDAC with something else at some point.

You’ve got a ClearCast microphone on the Arctis Pro. It comes with a pop filter. Now, this is a bidirectional microphone. What I love about this microphone is that it’s absolutely stunning. The reason why? Well, I’ve been using it to record this whole voice over. So the whole time, I’ve been speaking and talking to you about this headset, I’ve used the ClearCast microphone of the Arctis Pro. Trust me, you will love it when you’re gaming with your friends.

The ear cups are air weave ear cups, very soft and comfortable. They allow you to listen to music really well for long hours and also game for a good amount of time. The headband has, of course, the Velcro strap, which you can adjust. It’s a little bit more rigid and well shaped. If you got a larger head like me, you can still be a little bit stiff, but still really solid across the board. I do like that there.

Now you’ve got your mic mute and a separate volume control on the left ear cup, detachable cable, and a 3.5 mm jack. This allows you to quickly tap to mute. Even if you’re not using the DAC, you can still mute your audio with this. Of course, the RGB lighting is there on this as well.

I really like this headset. I think we’ve got the ESS Sabre for high res audio. You’ve got DTS Headphone X 2.0. Yes, there are a few things that they need to change like having a longer cable for the optical, but I really like this headset. I think this is probably one of the best experience that gamers will find in 2018. Priced at 249, the headset will be available at, Best Buy, and Amazon.

This is a really compelling price point for something that comes with an ESS Sabre Chipset, the ClearCast microphone that does a fantastic job that you’ve heard throughout this video, and awesome audio experience that gives you the best gaming quality. Also, audio quality for a gaming headset. I think one a lot of gamers will appreciate while using the Arctic Pro with GameDAC.