SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries 9H Gaming Headset-6 The Steel Series 9H Gaming Headset is geared towards the hardcore gamer on all platforms. Coming packed with various adapters to accommodate any platform you play on, the headset leaves no room for missing out on a great experience. This flexibility allows you to customize the way you immerse yourself in the gaming experience. With a price tag of $159.99, the Steel Series headset doubles as high quality Dolby surround sound headphones.

Initial impressions of the Steel Series 9H Gaming Headset have been stellar. Ultimate comfort with leather padded ear pads combined with the variety of adapters and cords in the box, it provides a satisfying feeling of worth and quality. One of the favorable features I’m growing fond of is the retractable gaming mic embedded inside the left ear pad. It’s an ingenious way to cater to the users who have no issue in using this rather large gaming headset for their everyday musical headphones. The tournament grade audio experience only adds to the overall great experience I’ve had thus far with the .