SteelSeries 3HV2 Headphone Review:

3HV2-5 The 3HV2 from steel series is a versatile piece of audio technology. This entry level offering in the H-Series of gaming headphones from the manufacturer offers features we’ve come to expect from gaming headsets.

Steel Series has always been associated with solidly built accessories and the 3HV2 does not disappoint. While missing the double braided chord or swappable cable option of the 5H or 9H series, the 3HV2 makes up for this by including an adapter which turns the gaming headphone into a mobile headset, and a design which wouldn’t be out of place on the streets of Brooklyn.

The device is quite comfortable during use. Although, the speaker cups on the headphone did feel a little small for my obviously substantial earlobes the cushioning on those cups made it a none-issue during use. This comfort extends to use during workouts. Taking the 3HV2 on a brisk run through downtown Brooklyn was just as comfortable as sitting down and listening to music or playing a pick-up game of COD.

While the volume and microphone mute controls are cumbersome and unattractive. It is the only feature on this device that would require a redesign, in my opinion. The sound quality of this device would not knock your socks off, but it still delivers adequate sound levels when gaming.

The retractable microphone is a welcomed feature allowing for the headset to be used solely as a primarily for media listening without the awkward presence of an unnecessary mic (for media viewing ,that is).

Overall, the device is well designed and quite comfortable, with a feature set which, while not groundbreaking, is utilitarian for an entry level device. The most compelling feature of this device would be the price point. At 39.99 USD it is almost impossible not to recommend this device to any gamer on a budget.