Sponsored Post: The comeback of the Subservient Chicken

King chicken ‘This post has been sponsored by “Burger King”, but concerns our own opinion”

Subservient Chicken is back – and Subservient No More! This is awesome and great in a good way. Now I haven’t been to Burger King in a while, so in all honest I had no idea of what they had menu-wise. But I am glad they brought him back. Now you don’t know who the subservient chicken or what he is about; a short history about him is simple this. About 10 years the man dressed in a chicken suit who starred in a webcam show and performed the weirdest actions, as suggested by the audience. From moon walking, to laying an egg, to picking his nose and head banging, the Subservient Chicken went along with it willingly.

Yes he went along with every command and task we asked of him, and while that was fun for a while it eventually became a fade that got lost in the sands of time. But he is backed and Burger King has helped him clean his act; picking him from the dumps, trimming the fat, getting him fit and agile. This has created a whole you animal, a Chicken who isn’t Subservient anymore and now is now aptly called the Chicken Big King, but one that sets his own town.

With all that I have been talking about a new chicken sandwich at Burger King that is bigger (guess you could say beefier ), double pattie. Topped with a the signature king sauce and tastier than ever. Yes I have tried it and it does taste delicious. So I suggest don’t take  my word for it, but rather head our to a Burger King and try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

‘This post has been sponsored by “Burger King”, but concerns our own opinion”