Sponsored Post: MICHELIN Premier A/S tire

463301234_640 This post has been sponsored by “Michelin”, but concerns our own opinion”

Tires are very important, they seriously are. I never spent much time thinking about what brand of tires my car had on. Yes I personally knew the importance of a good tire, thread count and all that stuff. But the Brand was something I never payed attention to. That is until I got my last car, which had a set of Michelin All weather/season tires, that i realized why I need Michelin tires. Why you ask?

Its simple, better traction, better stopping and more grip. I felt like a formula One driver, being able to handle any turn or curve with easy and still had the ability to stop on a dime. Now I am not suggest that you should buy Michelin Premier A/S tires so you can be like Mario Andretti; but rather these tires will give you a better and safer driving experience. Michelin claims their Premier A/S tires are safe When New. Safe When Worn. Even when worn, the MICHELIN Premier A/S tire still stops shorter on wet roads than leading competitors’ brand-new tires. Granted I haven’t tired these particular tires yet. If they are anything like the Michelin tires I currently use; then that claim is spot on. 

So take the time out to check out the Michelin Premier A/S tires, you don’t have to get one now. but you can take a look at the various Michelin pages on Twitter & Facebook,  to get a better understand of how well the tires work. As for me, my Honda Accord only  loves Michelin and would go on strike without them.