Sponsored Post: Lindt- Chocolate Heaven

Roger+Federer+Lindt+Premium+Chocolate+Party+bbSzPuwVXDBl This post has been sponsored by “Lindt ”, but concerns our own opinion”

Lindt chocolate is divine in ever respect, if you haven’t tried one let me give you a short story of my trip to an electronics store that some how involved Lindt chocolate.  My mission was to go in grab a few PC components and check out. In there with a buddy of mine, we spotted some Lindt white chocolate close to the register. Lets just say it cruel punishment to have that can of delicious chocolate goodies as I am about to check out— I bought and ate 8 at the register.

So what does this have to do with Rodger Federer, Lindsay Vonn & Lindt Shop opening. Well cohesively not much, other than the fact I would love to be there, play some Tennis with either Rodger Federer  & Lindsey Vonn and have all that delicious Lindt chocolate at Lindt Theme chocolate Store on top of the Jungfraujoch. Where  Federer opened “Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven”( I should have been invited), a themed chocolate shop offering a wide range of the finest Lindt chocolate. 

He invited American skier Lindsey Vonn to Switzerland for a trip on the Jungfrau Railway, to the ‘Top of Europe’ – 3,454 meters above sea level.

For a challenge.

Lindt Ambassador  Rodger Federer staged a tennis exhibition match on the Aletsch Glacier, in the Alps, overlooking the Sphinx. The winner earned a Lindt chocolate. Seriously that is some chocolate dedication. Now remember my story of  getting side tracked from shopping and downing 8 Lindt chocolate, not so bad now. Just goes to show you how awesome Lindt chocolate is. Seriously its not a sales piece. Check out more on the Lindt #Chocolateheaven , too see how this all turned out and how my shopping experience pales in comparison to the Federer-Vonn Challenge.



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