Sponsored Post: Just drink and #BEMORETEA with Lipton

lipton1-flickr.com_-524x350 ‘This post has been sponsored by Lipton Tea, but concerns our own opinion’

Almost everyone I know is a massive coffee drinker. Snatch Hatch drinks coffee everyday (French press and all, Two Pots to be exact), Booredfemme is another coffee addict; even my girlfriend is another massive coffee drinker.  Yes everyone around me drinks coffee and a lot of it. But why should you care or even drink some tea. Simple, don’t be like Animal,in the Lipton Tea ad with the Muppets below, all the coffee drinkers I know act like Animal from the Muppet, they mostly act irrational without drinking coffee their sweet nectar. Now I am not saying coffee is bad or will change you characteristic. But it is striking that most coffee drinkers are functionality bound to coffee for any kind of performance or boost.

So then whats the alternative? Drink some Tea and be liberated. Drinking Tea is great and nutritious, you can have it either hot or cold. Plus there is no need to wait in line like and addict to get coffee, while you can be like Kermit the frog and have a zen like approach to life and a relaxed day drinking some Lipton Tea.  Its simple for me to drink more tea and stay away from the coffee craziness.

So instead of joining the craziness of Animal my stereotypical coffee drinkers, simply #BemoreTea and have  some Lipton Tea. Whether you like in the craziness of the big Apple, or in the middle of Ohio, #BemoreTea and enjoy life

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This post has been sponsored by Lipton Tea, but concerns our own opinion’