Sponsored Article- LG OLED TV: Perfect Black

‘This post has been sponsored by “LG”, but concerns our own opinion’

I have had the opportunity to use an LG OLED TV for an extended period of time and I truly understand what Michael Uslan is describing as perfect Black. The best way to describe  what perfect black means pertains to how light bleeds on your TV screen. On you regular LED HDTV, when watching a movie at night, you tend to notice patches of light and how it bleeds across the screen. Well that never happened on an OLED HD or 4K display. Why? The difference of picture quality between LCD and OLED, the backlight panels bleed the image, creating light on pixels where there should be none. But OLED renders each pixel as bright or as dark as it should be, creating a strikingly crisp, smooth and clean picture that is both pleasantly rich, yet achieves a convincing realism with subtlety. Michael Uslan also posses this question in the video below; How would one describe the visuals in both Batman and Star Wars? In a word, dark. But whether it is Batman’s flowing black cape, or X-Wings flying toward the Death Star from their base on Yavin IV, the color black is extremely essential to both films.

This is true in gaming, where color textures are important in finding an item or giving detail to a character and giving an enhanced feel to the whole experience of what to expect from a TV.

More YouTube Video links: http://bit.ly/1PDOW7u