Spigen Ultra Thin Air Nexus 4 Case Review

Spigen Ultra Thin Air Nexus 4 Case (4) There are few quality case for the Nexus 4 out there, so I was glad to see a case from Spigen. The SPIGEN SGP Nexus 4 Case Ultra Thin Air Series is a hard case made of polycarbonate material. The durable, lightweight, and non-toxic qualities of polycarbonate makes the Ultra Thin a reliable solution for protecting the Nexus 4 from external impacts. The Ultra Thin Air case is carefully designed to precisely form-fit the phone to highlight the original design of the Nexus 4. The Case us super light and adds no additional weight to your device, while providing protection. Price at $19.99, this affordable case comes in black and looks flush with your Nexus 4 while giving you premium protection on your device. You can pick one up at the Spigen website.


UV matte coated
Protects your mobile from scratches, damages, and dust
Slim fit and light weight
Easy access to all controls and ports