SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy SIII Leather Wallet Case Valentinus Review

IMG_4864 SPIGEN SGP’s Valentinus Leather Wallet Case Series is designed to protect the Galaxy SIII from damage while also functioning as a convenient wallet. . The Valentinus Special Edition comes in both neutral and vibrant colors.The Valentinus Wallet combines the properties of both a sturdy case and a luxurious wallet. The two-tone design, with the outer and inner linings of different colors, gives a casual and upbeat feeling. The snap-on button and plastic frame ensures that your SIII is completely secure and protected.

The inside of the Valentinus Wallet is lined with microfiber chamude for better protection and a smooth touch. The portion of the Valentinus Wallet that holds the Galaxy Note is made from a tough polycarbonate material that’s been processed for a matte look and provides a stable mounting frame that’s easy to use. The Valentinus Wallet provides ample storage room for credit cards and business cards. You can pick up the Spigen Valentinus leather case here for just $39.99