Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Ultra Slim iPhone 5 Bumper Case Review

Spigen Neo Slim (1) SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5 Neo Hybrid EX Slim Case not only protects the iPhone 5 efficiently, but also preserves the original design of the iPhone 5. The Neo Hybrid EX Slim is composed of UV coated hard polycarbonate frame combining onto the high polymer coated soft premium silicone bumper. With both soft and hard properties of polycarbonate and silicone, the Neo Hybrid EX Slim provides strong protection for the iPhone 5 while maintaining a sleek bumper style look. The frames and silicone bumpers are two separate pieces that can be interchanged with different colored frames for a customized and personal look.The Neo Hybrid EX Slim case differs from the Neo Hybrid EX as it is slimmer and more tightly fitted around the iPhone 5. While the Neo Hybrid EX is made thicker for added protection, the Neo Hybrid EX Slim case creates a more seamless and form fitting look and feel. It is available in six colors and you can get it now for $31.99 at Spigen.com

Metallic finish to the polycarbonate frame
Slim and exact form fitting to show the perfect shape of your device
Easy access to all controls and ports