Spigen Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Flip View Case Review

Spigen Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Flip View-7 The Galaxy S4 Case Ultra Flip View is a luxury flip case that is streamlined to highlight the Galaxy S4. Ultra Flip View exterior is made with premium metallic material and the interior is lined with soft microfiber to protect screen.The Ultra Flip View features a clear interactive viewing window which gives easy access to accepting/rejecting calls, signal and battery status, messages, missed calls, time/date, current music, and more. The Galaxy S4 Ultra Flip View is convenient as it does not require removal of the battery cover which makes it easier to use and more protective compared to the Samsung Flip Cover or S-View Cover.

Viewing Window

Made of clear plastic with scratch-resistant coating for convenient interactive experience.

Speaker Hole

A speaker and earpiece hole is provided to allow users to talk on the phone even when the case is closed.

Ultra Slim

The slim and stylish Galaxy S4 Ultra Flip case is designed to precisely fit to the device. The thin, form-fitted design does not add bulk and keeps the Galaxy S4 lightweight.

Premium metallic material
Soft microfiber chamude interior
Perfect cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports
Available in 4 colors